High Levels of Mercury in Supermarket Fish

High Levels of Mercury in Supermarket Fish
photo courtesy of Katinka Kober

On the one hand
Mercury levels in fish are getting higher and higher. It's at the point where the federal government has issued warnings to pregnant women and children to limit their consumption of fish.
On the other hand
You need the omega-3 that's found in fish. It's absolutely essential to your good health.

This is the dilemma we all face. As the world's oceans, rivers and lakes become more and more polluted with mercury, we risk losing our only source of fish. And we can't simply stop eating it. We need fish.

The Chicago Tribune has an excellent series of articles on the mercury contamination crisis. This is a must read. You will definitely want to be informed on this as mercury poisoning can cause headaches, fatigue, numbness in the extremities and concentration problems. And in children it can cause learning disabilities.

Another great resource is the Mercury Calculator at gotmercury.org. You can just enter your weight in the online form and it will tell you how much of any type of fish you can safely eat in a week.

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Somali Pirate Interviewed

What happens in a country where the government breaks down completely, like it has in Somalia? Most of the people suffer horribly and simply try as best they can to survive, but some men, when push comes to shove, will turn to unethical, even violent practices to survive. One of the unethical and violent practices Somalis are turning to is piracy.

Over at Newsweek there's an interesting interview with a Somali pirate. In this short, but very engaging interview the Somali pirate's answers are surprisingly straight-forward and honest. In it he reveals the reasons behind the piracy, much of the details of the events and the solution to the problem (restoration of a functional government to Somalia). Hello, international community, Somalia needs some help here.

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Neil Gaiman Reads "The Graveyard Book"

Now here's a real treat. Neal Gaiman, author of Coraline and Stardust, has recorded himself reading his new book, "The Graveyard Book", in it's entirety, and has made it available for anyone to enjoy, for free, at his website. All you have to do is surf on over to MouseCircus.com and click on "Video Tour - Watch Now". 

It's the story of a child who winds up being raised by ghosts in a graveyard. It's, basically, "The Jungle Book", but set in a graveyard with Neil Gaiman's own particular, wonderfully engaging, bent on the tale.

I was surprised when I listened to it at what a pleasant reading voice the author has. I highly recommend listening to his reading. If you're not already hooked on Neil Gaiman's books, you will be after this delightful gem of a story.

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XKCD - Theft of the Magi
Newly added to Magatopia's Comics section is the extremely clever and funny comic XKCD by Randall Munroe, a sample of which you can see to the left. I can't say much for the artwork, but the funny is good. It's probably not for everyone. If you're not terribly well read, you probably won't "get it". I didn't "get" some of the math references myself. But it makes for a refreshing change from the much more common low-brow humor that's out there.

Speaking of low-brow, another addition to the comics page is I Can Has Cheez Burger. OK, it's not exactly what you think of when you think of a comic strip. It's... well... You know those pictures you see all over Myspace? The ones with those cats? And those cats are saying things like "I r drivz ur car" or, well, like "I can haz cheez burger"?... Yeah those. It's that. I love those.

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New Terminator 4 Videos

This new Terminator movie is looking better and better. The new Terminator Salvation trailer is online over at Trailer Addict, and it looks pretty darn sweet. After the disappointment of #3, I wasn't looking forward to any more Terminator movies. But it looks like they may just have a comeback in store for us. I hope so. I'm a big fan of the movies, as well as the excellent Sarah Conner Chronicles television series. Just click below to watch it.

And as if the new trailer weren't enough, over at auto site Jalopnik there's another excellent Terminator video. Terminator Salvation: The Art of Martin Laing shows a giant "harvester" terminator, motorcycle terminators, the T-600 terminator (an earlier version of the "Arnold" T-800 model) and more. Laing reveals in the video that the movie will feature 10 new killer robots. And you get to see a few of them in action.
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Sci-Fi movie video clips are a bit off-topic for Jalopnik, as it's an online automotive magazine. What you'll normally find there are auto reviews, auto reviews and more auto reviews. Looking for an auto review? Go to Jalopnik. It's in Magatopia's Automotive section of all places.

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This Is Your Brain On TV

I just saw this story in The Daily Mail and it's blowing my mind: 
Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Scientists could soon watch it on a screen
Basically, scientists in Japan have come up with a machine that can read a persons brain patterns while they are sleeping and friggin' display images of what they are dreaming on a computer screen!

Now I've seen this sort of thing in Sci-Fi movies such as Brainstorm or The Cell, but I didn't expect it to be actually developed in my lifetime. In fact I would not have given it good odds that it was even possible at all.

Of course they are as yet only able to get very coarse images through the machine, but it sounds like they have made the main breakthrough they needed and all that remains now is to refine the process. Go science!

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The first magazine that I've added to the Magatopia directory since I started this blog is the online-only general interest magazine Fringe.  It's a new magazine, with only two issues out so far. It's pages will cover fashion, music, trends, runway shows, movie reviews, environmental issues and more. On Magatopia you can find it in the General Interest section.

Magatopia's comic strips page has gotten way too many new links to list individually. Suffice it to say you can read just about any comic strip you desire there, from classics like Peanuts and Li'l Abner to action hero strips like Amazing Spider-Man to the oddballs like Non Sequitur and Bizarro and tons more.

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The site served it's duty well over the years, but with the increased adoption of RSS feeds  it became more apparent to me that an upgrade was in order. 

So the new site now has the latest headlines, for any online magazine that has an RSS feed, that can be viewed directly on Magatopia. This feature should save you a lot of time as you can now see all the latest news in one place without having to surf around to various news sources on the web.

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After that I joined up with fellow artist Kevin Butterfield at Chimeric Dreams Studios. There I have inked some of his comic book art and later we formed ZUZZY Miniatures which is what we are both doing now.

It was around the same time that I put Magatopia.com (Then Magazine-Rack.com) up on the web.

Well, that about sums it up. I hope to be able to update this blog on a frequent, I'm shooting for daily, basis. We'll see.

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