U.S. Senate Healthcare FAIL

U.S. Capitol
photo courtesy of Harrison Keely

Well, the Senate is proposing a bill to give the USA universal healthcare. Their solution? Force everyone to buy health insurance.

It's yet another in a neverending chain of actions that prove the U.S. Government is nothing more than the strongarm for the giant corporations. with every action it takes designed to funnel more of our money into the pockets of the banking, oil and insurance companies.

Hey IDIOTS, if you're supplying healthcare to everyone what do we need insurance for? Why are you including the middleman? Take our tax money and apply it directly to the hospitals, clinics and doctors where it belongs. It's called

Socialized? Yes, I said it. Socialized. We already have a socialized retirement plan. It's called Social Security. Everyone seems to like that.

Read up on the latest selling out of America in the following articles from around the web:

- Yahoo News

Senate Bill Fines People Refusing Health Coverage
-ABC News

The Senate is modeling the plan after Massachusettes' health care system. Here's what The Boston Globe thinks of it's own states health care system:
- The Boston Globe

- The Washington Post
- TheHill.com

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