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New on Magatopia: Cryptozoology

There's a new category on Magatopia for you to enjoy. - Cryptozoology

Following is a list of all the online Cryptozoology magazines and blogs linked to on the new Cryptozoology page. Magatopia delivers live headline feeds from the following news sources:

    • Bigfoot Evidence
    • Phantoms and Monsters
    • Sasquatch Chronicles Blog
    • Cryptozoology Online: Still on the Track
    • Mystery Cats
    • Loch Ness Monster
    • Cryptozoology – Mysterious Universe
    • Foxsylvania
    • ShukerNature
    • Cryptopia – Exploring The Hidden World
    • World Enough
    • Cryptomundo
    • Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch
    • Crypto Sightings
    • Pacwest Bigfoot
    • Tyler's Cryptozoo
    • Sasquatch Information Society
    • CryptoZooNews
    • The National Cryptid Society
    • Cryptids State-by-State
    • A.C.R.O. Cryptozoology
    • Lindagodfrey's Blog
    • Squatchdetective's Blog
    • CryptoVille
    • Southern SASquatch Expeditions
    Link: - Cryptozoology is the internet's directory to thousands of free online magazines. All of the magazines Magatopia links to have news, articles or columns that you can read online for free.

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