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New on Magatopia: Survivalist Prepping

There's a new category on Magatopia for you to enjoy. - Survivalist Prepping

Following is a list of all the online survivalist magazines and blogs linked to on the new Survivalist page. Magatopia delivers live headline feeds from the following news sources:

  • SHTF Preparedness
  • Prepper Bits SHTF Survival Blog
  • Bob Mayer
  • Food Storage Moms
  • Ask a Prepper
  • Ready Nutrition
  • Apartment Prepper
  • Urban Survival Site
  • Prepper's Will
  • Survivopedia
  • Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You
  • Ed That Matters
  • American Preppers Network
  • Modern Survival Blog
  • More Than Just Surviving
  • The Prepping Guide
  • Survival Sullivan
  • The Prepper Journal
  • The Modern Survivalist
  • The Survival Mom
  • Survivalist Prepper
  • Prepper Ralph
  • Ready Lifestyle
  • Living Life in Rural Iowa
  • Two-Way Radio Talk
  • Smart Prepper Gear
  • The Survivalist Blog
  • Preppers Survive
  • The Organic Prepper
  • Mason Dixon Tactical
  • Dirttime
  • Dreaming Of Sunsets Over Ochre Dunes
  • Azweaponcraftprepper
  • Simple Family Preparedness
  • Prepared For Survival
  • North Country Survival
  • Survival Sherpa
  • Herbal Survivalist
  • Mama Kautz
  • Brushbeater
  • SHTF School
  • Legacy Food Storage
  • Home Style Survival
  • Off The Grid News
  • Preppers Unlimited
  • DoomzDay Preppers
  • Tactical Intelligence

Link: - Survivalist Prepping is the internet's directory to thousands of free online magazines. All of the magazines Magatopia links to have news, articles or columns that you can read online for free.

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