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Cave of Giant Crystals Unearthed

Cave of Giant Crystals UnearthedNo, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Those are people climbing around on those giant crystals. Miners in Chihuahua, Mexico recently discovered the caves containing the mega-crystals. Check out the National Geographic Article for the rest of the story and more photos. Hey, guys, Superman called. He wants his Fortress of Solitude back.

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There's an all new category at Magatopia. It's European Travel for all you globetrotters with a hankerin' to see The Colosseum, The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

Danger Magnet, The magazine of daring and dangerous pulp adventure has been added to the Roleplaying Games section of Magatopia.

The FinditQuick Internet Guide is now in the Internet Magazines section. The FinditQuick Internet Guide is a Bi-monthly internet magazine featuring Technically Speaking, Quick Answers, Computer Hardware & Software Reviews and the Bookmarks Internet Directory.

Toby O'Brien's blog, Inner Toob has been added to the TV section. The concept of this blog is that there's an alternate universe in which everything we see on television actually takes place. Interesting.

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A featured magazine all this month on Magatopia is Entertainment Weekly. EW has breaking entertainment news on celebrities, TV shows, movies, music and books. Celebrity interviews, movie and DVD reviews including top selling book, music and DVD titles.

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Overdrive is the leading trucking magazine for professional owners and drivers. Overdrive serves primarily commercial truck owner-operators and small fleet owners, as well as company drivers. Overdrive helps owner-operators and small fleet owners be successful in managing their trucking businesses.

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