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Now on Magatopia: Vegetarian & Vegan

There's a new category on Magatopia for you to enjoy. Vegetarian & Vegan

Following is a list of all the online magazines and blogs linked to on the Vegetarian & Vegan page. You'll find the latest vegetarian & vegan news, in-depth articles and recipes. Magatopia delivers live headline feeds from the following vegetarian & vegan news sources:
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Beauty Review
Vegetarian Times
Chronicles of Passion
Healthy, Gorgeous & Tá´‰psy
Gringalicious » Vegetarian
Harriet Emily
Forks Over Knives
Veggie Inspired
Clean, Cheat, Repeat
Simplify Your Health
Peaceful Dumpling
Veg Recipe Lover
Delicious Everyday
Vegan Meal Plan
it doesn't taste like chicken
The Vegan Voice
The Engine 2 Diet
Vegan Life Magazine
Vegetarian Yogi
Beetroot and Rosemary
Oh She Glows
Vegetarian Living
Your Daily Vegan
Vegan Future
Raepublic Recipes
Vegan Anything
Albion Cooks
Low Fat Vegan Recipes
Is It Vegan?
Why Veg
Vegan Treats
Vegan Lass
Vegetarian Recipes | Taste of Home
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes | Cooking Light
The Vegan Food Blog Vegan Food
Vegetarian Journal
Veggie Magazine
Vegetarian Recipes | Shape Magazine Vegetarian Food

Link: Vegetarian & Vegan is the internet's directory to thousands of free online magazines. All of the magazines Magatopia links to have news, articles or columns that you can read online for free.

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